About Us

Missy O'Brien


Missy is a wife, mama of 4 and homeschool mama of 3!  She has a love for outreach and desires to encourage others through her personal struggles and testimony.  Missy loves to write devotions and leads an online Bible Study called SOAP Sisters.  Missy loves chocolate, good coffee and I Love Lucy!

Contact Missy- missyl3576@gmail.com

Melia Chapman


Melia is a wife, mother of 3 and is passionate about sharing her love for Christ!  Melia loves to write devotions and teaches Bible studies at her home church. She loves discipling women and helping them find their strength in Christ.   Melia loves foot rubs, warm choclate chip cookies and manicures!  

Contact Melia- jmhcchapman@gmail.com

Kerri Shirkey


Kerri is a wife, mama of 4 and has an amazing gift of radiating God's goodness to those she encounters!  She has a passion for homeless minstries and loves spending time with her awesome kiddos! 

About Us

Christine DeMoss


Christine is a wife, mama of 2 and has a passion for using her personal stories to glorify God and his faithfulness. Christine loves mission work and has taken several mission trips to Mexico as well as India.  Christine also loves sharing her beautiful voice in helping to lead worship.

Contact Christine- tcdemoss@gmail.com

Carrie Selby


Carrie is a wife and mama of 5!  She has a magnificent gift of sharing her love for Christ through worship.  Carrie has a passion for leading worship as well as missions.  She has taken mission trips to both Mexico and India and has a heart for those in need. 

Pat Probasco


Pat is a wife, mamma to 2 and Grammie to 5 wonderful grandkids!  Pat is a Ministry Assistant and helps with ANYTHING that needs managed.  She has a kind and loving heart and has a strong desire to continually grow with God. Pat loves good books, chocolate, HGTV and spending time with her grandkids.